Thursday, 7 February 2008

Crane failure at Hodeidah 15 JAN 08

This series of images comes from Adam Greaves who works for Galadari and Associates, one of the biggest firms of advocates and legal consultants in the UAE, with an active marine department. The firm also does commercial P&I correspondent work for a number of IG and non IG Clubs.

The facts:-

On 15th January 2008 a gantry crane was being tested, following temporary repairs, at Hodeidah port in the Yemen.

During testing using a 40' unit weighing some 32 MT, the structure of the crane failed, for reasons yet to be determined. The boom collapsed, falling into the water, taking the container, and the control cabin and crane operators, into the water.

The crane operators were rescued and fortunately the most serious injury was only a dislocated hip. It could have been much more serious. The container and cargo were a write off.

The Crane is Tested

The Moment of Impact

The Crane Operator Emerges

More Survivors Emerge

A Close Shave for the Ship (and the Crane Personel)

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